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Attend a church ministry that offers worship and praise songs to the Lord. Join us at Gospel Songs in Ministries & Gospel Ministries in North Augusta, SC. Be enlightened through preaching of the Gospel and be inspired by Biblical stories and personal experiences and successful faith journeys. Visit us to start receiving spiritual guidance and rediscovering your life’s purpose.


Congratulations you have been accepted to receive donations (soft money) from us to help the wealth of your daily needs
as long as you have accepted Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life forever.

Employment Availability

The following jobs are avaliable, paying the minimum wage and progressively working beyond the minimum wage (USA):
  Christian Executive Secretary
 Christian Transcriber
 Yard Maintenance Worker

These position are required 4 hours per month or as needed.

We need 24 hour access to the Christian Executive Secretary and Christian Transcriber.

At our fellowship, we don’t accept any donations. I do not solicit for anything outside of the will of God through Jesus Christ. Instead, we offer free audio cassettes of religious songs and scriptures to all who wish to hear and spread the Word of God. Share your faith and be a blessing to others. To learn more about us, please call (803) 279-5202, (803) 507-1609 or (803) 441-8177.

St. James Chapter 5 Verse 2,3

Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

***The only exception that we can accept money, donations or gifts,  is if we are provided a well-documented letter covering any adverse charges of the legal money and/or gift showing that it will be waivered ***

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***As you are no doubt well aware of - the word of god changes not and cannot fail. Therefore, the dates of the sermons does not matter.***

Vernon Philpot Sr.

Gospel Ministries And Songs 2006

The weekday version of Gospel Songs and Ministries  and Gospel Ministries,  yours truly,  Vernon Philpot Sr.,the owner of this tape ministry.   As you no doubt are aware, we are in the gospel ministries of Jesus Christ to give wisdom,  knowledge and understanding to all members of mankind by way of the telephone communication systems,  worldwide, written communication,  and cassette tapes, worldwide.  Secondarily,  we are in the ministry of Jesus Christ to give the inspirations of the Bible to all mankind.  Thirdly, we’re in the ministry of Jesus Christ to give you peace, live, joy, mercy, kindness, temperance and love that is impregnated unto us by way of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations of the Old King James Version.   As well as the true faith of God and members of mankind that are believing on the name of Jesus Christ to be His only true Son.

We occasionally hire,  that is to say employ, members of mankind that are in the earthly  occupations such as professionals,  semi-professionals, grass root individuals, or laborers.  These members Of mankind have indicated their desire to be employed by people that are decent, are sincere -first to obey the revealed will of God, the Bible,  and those laws that are governing mankind – by expressing in person written formation or format to work with state or local agencies when they apply for a job.  Gospel Songs and Ministries and Gospel Ministries during the weekday version have taken up the I initiative or responsibilities on attempting to work with these individuals on a part time basis.  We hire these individuals based upon experience, the will of God in them, or wanting to do His will, according to wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  We, the children of God,  simply cannot help you until you come to the understanding with wisdom and knowledge of the revealed will of God and ever-seeking to do the will of God, and you do His will with respect or regarding to wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Of course, we again take the responsibility or burden in attempting to hire members of mankind that have expressed the desire to do the will of God at all times.  Therefore, we hire individuals on a part time basis with the “permanency “ status; whether bi-monthly, monthly,  forevermore.  Some people regard this type of employment to be additional income or extra income to be added to their yearly salary,  weekly salary, monthly salary.

Continued furtherly, the Weekday version of Gospel Songs and Ministries with Vernon Philpot Sr., the owner.  When we hire you, the applicant or employee, we expect that you respect our office décor and policies, rules and regulations that govern our lives from day to day; which is inclusive of the First and Second and great Commandment above all.

Therefore, when you are hired by us, Gospel Songs and Ministries and Gospel Ministries or Gospel Songs and Ministries and Ministries during the Weekday Version as well as AAA Brokers in Association with South Carolina, we expect you to obey the laws of God which are the Ten Commandments, His judgements, statues, laws again, those laws that are governing mankind.  As reference,  Colossians Chapter 3 and 4,  Hebrews Chapter Number 13, Ephesians Chapter 6, Galatians Chapter 6 and Exodus Chapters 20 through 35.  More clearly and specifically speaking, the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelations of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible the Old Kings Version.

Not all scriptures of the Holy Bible are holy when you meditate or study upon the Word of God.  Some of those scriptures are written by the men that were in power or upon a throne in the certain provinces or jurisdictions upon the surface we know as planet Earth.  Therefore, the Holy Scriptures of the Bible are scriptures as we are emphasizing in this ministry.  Again, the scriptures are Second Timothy Chapter 2 verse number 15.  Study to show thyself approval unto God a workmen that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of Truth.  Second Timothy Chapter 2 verse number 15, written by the Apostle Paul.  Those scriptures of the Holy Bible when men and women spoke when the Holy Ghost were upon them.  They spoke the Word of God, which endured through all generations or ages.  The other scriptures of the Holy Bible are plain factual evidence of the laws of mankind as well as those incidents that occur negatively towards their fellow men, women,  boys and girls on this surface we know as planet Earth.

Therefore, as a child of God, we expect you to honor the revealed will of God,  the Bible while you’re working or in our care as an employee at this residence; the address 105 and 103 Philpot Lane, the city of North Augusta, state of South Carolina, zip code 29841 plus 5453.  Telephone numbers are, first residential  (803)441-8177, business workshop and production telephone number  (803)279-5202, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, everyday, you  can call us up to discuss the Bible and those laws that are governing mankind again.

The application process of the potential employee comes in the form of resume.  The resume is applied upon this tape ministry because I’m legally blind.  I have nor the recourse or choice but to get the potential employee or applicant to imprint his or her voice upon the tape ministry where I will have the factual evidence to choose the person’s identity and anyone else that may have access to knowledge of that being or presence upon the surface we know as planet Earth.  The resume form is name of applicant, date of birth, date of application process, your address-city, state, zip code, telephone number, health conditions – whether excellent, good, fair-margin of health, mothers maiden name, race, education -whether high school, elementary, college, master degree level or doctoral degree.  Continuing with the resume form of the application process work experiences that you have been involved in this specialized occupation of endeavors,  references of the last three people that you have worked for or known during the course of the last five to ten years.  The latter portion of this resume form involves your participation in activities or extracurricular activities that you are or may be involved in upon the stay of the planet Earth; such as hobbies, interests, sports activities, church affiliation or denominations, clubs or fraternal organization that you are a member within, other church affiliations – whether in the ministry field or theological seminary activities. Continuing in the extracurricular activities of the applicant, you have up to ninety minutes with which to express yourself concerning the job expectations of your occupation or field of endeavors.

Continuing in the application process,  all applicants need to know again that we respect all mankind, good or evil.  We respect one another in many ways by remaining in the perfect will of God, foremost.  Secondarily, we respect all mankind that be quiet,  neutral, saying nothing otherwise being silent.  This is how we respect all mankind.  First again by obeying or being obedient to the will of God, the Bible.  Secondarily,  by being quiet, neutral, obeying the laws that govern mankind.  Thereby, we are respecting all mankind.

Thus, the legal clause is in special word of warning and notation is in the special order.   This tape ministry is on the will of God at all times, ever-seeking to do His will and to preserve the Word of God, the Bible, and the Holy Scriptures that are in it.  You are certainly welcome to listen to any of our tape Ministries at your own free will or discretion.  We strongly recommend and suggest that you respect all office décor and policies foremost to respect God while you are in our employment by doing what He asks you to do, and the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelations of the Bible.

Gospel Songs and Ministries as well as Gospel Songs and Ministries Weekday Version and AAA Brokers of South Carolina reserve the rights and freedom to employ whom-so-ever the company desires to hire because we are a home based business in the state of South Carolina, and living according to the will of God or trying to live according to God’s will, thereby, believing on the name of Jesus Christ to be His only true Son, period.  If you decide to contrary ignore this statement, entire past, present date or time or at some future date and time, you can be first corrected, second punished, thirdly imprisoned or incarcerated depending upon the severity of your misconduct or actions as are determined and deemed necessary as in the court legal and judiciary systems of America.  In special word of warning and notation,  period.

Again, the company is primarily established to give wisdom, knowledge and understanding to all mankind or as far as we can reach out by way of written communications, telephone communications, and cassette tapes to give you the inspiration of the Bible that have been impregnated unto us by way of love, peace, temperance, love of mankind, foremost, the love of God in us at all times.  The mission and purpose of this ministry (illegible speaking).  We are also called upon this surface we know as planet Earth to reach perfection.  As reference, number one, Second Timothy Chapter 2 verse number 15,  again, Second Timothy Chapter 3 verses 16 and 17.  Secondarily, Saint John Chapter 17.  Thirdly, the book of Romans Chapter 12 verses 1 and 2, to reach perfection.  And fourthly, where we are called to reach perfection, the book of Saint Matthew Chapter 5 after the beatitudes.  Therefore, being perfect as the Heavenly Father which is in Heaven is perfect.  Part of our mission to accomplish as we were sent forth from Heaven according to the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, the book of Ephesians  Chapter 1 and Genesis Chapters 1 and 2.  May God Bless you, the applicant, and all mankind,  Amen.